"An insight in the Amsterdam Red Light
like you've never seen before!
Our tour-operators take sex tourists from all over the world on a guided tour of the Red Light District while recording everything on a camera. The tours begin at popular spots in Amsterdam where we meet. We show some real Dutch culture, habits and typical Dutch food (kroket, stroopwafel, etc).

Of course it is not allowed to film at the Red Light District, but with good agreements with the correct persons we manage to film on a few spots. At other spots we use our spycam (spy glasses) and a cam in a bag with a hole to give you the best experience on our, sometimes dangerous, red light sex trips!
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Amsterdam Red Light Sex Trips Videos
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Vlad from Russia
Vlad has come over all the way from Saint Petersburg in Russia. He was diverced a year ago and today he wanted to try his luck with a Dutch woman. His preferences are blow jobs...
11.463 views | 674 likes
Pavel from Finland
Pavel is a fisherman from Finland and he came to Amsterdam searching for a girl with a lot of piercings. Of course we knew one: Blonde Stella doesn’t only have them through her...
10.159 views | 645 likes
Jason from Canada
Our guest of today, Jason, had a couple of specific wishes for the girl he wanted to meet She had to have black hair and be a little dominant too. He also liked to have a woman sitting on...
14.318 views | 833 likes
Johan from Luxemburg
All the way from his tiny country of Luxembourg comes our latest sex tourist: Johan. He made the trip to Amsterdam by car and is waiting for us at a local hotel. After a quick tour of the...
13.857 views | 694 likes
Max from Brasil
Max came all the way from Sao Paulo in Brasil and he had some very specific wishes too: A real woman with brown hair and a firm pair of tits. Well, we thought we had the right girl...
12.248 views | 768 likes
Raymond from France
Raymond has come all the way from Paris to find the girl of his dreams right here in Amsterdam. But he did have a few simple requests: she had to be small, a teenager and blonde. It only...
10.521 views | 598 likes
Jim from Poland
Jim has traveled all the way from Poland to have a look around in Amsterdam. Of course our team can show him the hottest places in town, including Anouk's room in the middle of the...
12.711 views | 748 likes
Tigo from Colombia
We had Tigo flown in all the way from Colombia. Meeting up at the Tropical Museum, Tigo told us that he loved thick girls, preferably one with floppy tits, long hair and a beautiful face too.
10.667 views | 584 likes
Lucio from Colombia
Our guest of today is from Medellin in Colombia. His name is Lucio and his wish was a very simple one: There are mainly short girls in his home country so he wanted a tall girl. Now...
12.805 views | 768 likes
Ray from England
Ray, who s from England, had a couple of specific whishes for the girl of his dreams: She had to be small, petite, blonde and have small tits too. On our way to Natasha, the hooker we...
14.449 views | 767 likes
Rudolf from Germany
It happens more and more that our fans see a hooker in action on our site that they really like for themselves as well. Rudolf, who is from Frankfurt in Germany, saw Sindy...
11.008 views | 671 likes
Matko from Prague
This horny sex tourist from Prague can't wait to fuck the hooker of his dreams. He travels to Amsterdam and meets up with our tour operator to find his perfect prostitute. He...
13.357 views | 795 likes
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Simon from Iceland
Simon had been in Amsterdam for a couple of days already so he had the chance to visit the local coffeeshops. He also fell in love with a girl that has performed before on our site...
12.963 views | 747 likes
Amir from Iran
Amir came all the way from Iran and he sure came across a lot of things in Amsterdam that he had to get used to. The cold for one thing and the public offering of sex for another! But he...
13.852 views | 736 likes
Sobeslav from Czech
Sobeslav is a crazy guy from Czech. He loves to live like a rockstar and makes jokes every minute. Until he gets to the girl of his dreams. Then it's time to get down to serious business.
12.689 views | 724 likes
Jackle from South Africa
Today we met up with a guest from South Africa. Jackle had mentioned on his application form that he likes young girls, preferably teenagers. Well, we took him along with our camera well...
11.277 views | 629 likes
Sonny from Austria
Sonny is from Austria and at 22 probably one of the youngest guests we have entertained here. After a couple of stiff drinks Sonny told us he was looking for a girl with a nice ass...
12.267 views | 722 likes
Jean from Corsica, France
Big tits, a nice body and a good sucker, those were Jean's wishes when he flew in all the way from Corsica. It is not that difficult to find a girl who meets up with all that in Amsterdam.
11.053 views | 743 likes
Pierre from France
As a Frenchman, Pierre is a lover of women as well as good food. So when Bob treats him to a local snack and tells him it tastes like pussy, Pierre wants to do a comparison right...
13.785 views | 789 likes
Lonny from Indonesia
Lonny from Indonesia likes petite girls, especially when they have tattoos and Bob, who knows Amsterdam like nobody else, could surprise him with just that. Mendy has tattoos all...
15.681 views | 837 likes
Tejbs from Sweden
Before we took Tejbs - who is from Sweden - to the Red Light District we let him have a taste of some traditional Dutch stuff like eating from the wall and a good glass of Heineken...
12.283 views | 702 likes
Nikolas from Greece
Tight pussies, that is what brought Nikolas from Greece over to Amsterdam. And of course our Bob knew just the girl for him. Amber's cunt tightens up even more when you hit her behind...
12.774 views | 716 likes
Jimmy da Silva from San Marino
Jimmy is one of our first guests who brought his own women with him... about twenty of them! Onfortunately they form a beach volleyball team that he is coaching so Jim...
13.964 views | 753 likes
Nelson from Portugal
Amsterdam has a lot to offer to the average tourist: Museums, round trips by canal boat, excursions to the bulb fields... But Nelson, our guest for today, is not an average tourist.
12.889 views | 720 likes
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marijuana leaf Amsterdam Tour Operators

Japie is a real Amsterdammer who knows every corner and alley of the city.
Harry is our newest tour guide, he really loves the Red Light District!
Yossip is our youngest tour operator at the Red Light District. He knows the finest...
Tour operator Bob lives his whole live in Amsterdam and worked for several...
Ilse is a typical dutch girl from Amsterdam and knows all the girls at the Red Light...
Rick is a famous guy in Amsterdam and knows the best spots. There's a rumor...
All persons depicted in RedLightSexTrips videos were over the age of 18 years at the time they were photographed or filmed.
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